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Why do you travel?

As a travel advisor I get asked "Where should I travel next?" all the time. My response is "Why do you want to travel?"

Gone are the days of bus tours where a tourist simply snapped a picture of a historic monument and checked it off their list of things to see. To just "see" a place is no longer acceptable and does not count as traveling. With technology today you can "see" a place sitting on your sofa. Traveling involves experiencing a place to its fullest. But how do you know what a place can offer if you have never been there before? The same way I know how and where to invest my money, you invest in an expert. Travel advisors have an unlimited supply of local companies at their fingertips. They keep track of the best hotels, restaurants, and tour companies so that you are handed a personalized itinerary unlike any other.

The second most asked question I hear is "Why should I work with you, when I can find a place to stay online?" Here is my very thought out response:

"I believe that travel opens your eyes to new cultures and new experiences. Travel allows you to escape "the real world" and create lifelong memories. By working with me, I will use my worldwide network of hotels, cruise lines, and tour providers that will create a one-of-a-kind experience unlike any other. By utilizing by virtuoso network of suppliers, professional travel advisors, and my personal travel experiences, I will do everything I can to ensure the word "WOW" is how you explain your trip."

Travel advisors do not just sit at their computers and look at the same sites available to the greater population. They go to conferences, take hotel tours, and are avid travelers themselves. They are not going to sculpt a trip of a lifetime in locations they would not stay themselves.

Don't be content with just a simple picture. I have made pizza in Sicily, pasta in Italy, a Swiss Army knife in Switzerland, and I will be making a blanket in Uruguay this December

. Become a part of the local culture. Know simple phrases, how to dress, and try to blend in. I get most excited when I am asked a question in the local language. This is the greatest compliment I can receive. To know that I have adapted to my new surroundings so seamlessly and truly traveled into a different place.

So, why do you travel?

Preparing my pizza for the oven in Sicily

Admiring my pasta in Italy
Assembling a Swiss Army Knife in Switzerland.

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