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Rave and Review of Le Meurice, Paris, France

I had the opportunity to travel to Paris in December and stay at the fantastic hotel, Le Meurice. It was beautifully decorated for the Christmas holidays, both inside and out. As a travel advisor, I set up an appointment with my North American sales representative to tour the entire hotel. However, even before the tour took place, I wandered through the public spaces of the hotel and was amazed by everything I saw. The things that surprised me the most were:

1) The size and view from my room. Most hotel rooms in Europe tend to seem small, especially for Americans. As you can see in the picture below, my room was spacious! And the view from my window allowed me to view the Eiffel Tower. Which, when I am in Paris, is an absolute delight. So I was over the moon when I was shown my room and saw my view. The personal touches in the space always put a smile on my face. It is such a great feeling to feel welcomed when you are so far from home.

Standing on my balcony.

2) Enjoying tea at the hotel is a must-do. Even if you are not a guest at Le Meurice, book a tea time and enjoy the magnificent creations from Cedric Grolet and his team.

Tea time selections.

3) The grandeur and decor in the hotel are breathtaking. I am a huge fan of European Christmas decorations in general. I appreciate how they have kept decorations elegant and straightforward over the years. I find myself wanting to travel abroad more during the Christmas holidays to experience simplicity.

Welcome note and wine from the hotel.
Chocolates by my bed in the hotel.

I loved touring the hotel and seeing all that it has to offer for my clients when they visit Paris. The hotel is in a great location in the heart of Paris on the right bank of the Seine river. I always enjoy walking around cities when I visit, and this location allowed me to get everywhere. I enjoyed beautiful sites along the way. And while walking, instead of using the Metro or a taxi, I found more stores and cafes to visit along the way.

Within the hotel you can find the following:

1) A two-star Michelin restaurant by Alain Ducasse, named Restaurant Le Meurice.

Front of the hotel.

2) A casual dining experience, Restaurant Le Dali. I had my afternoon tea, and it was an exceptional experience.

Restaurant in the hotel.

3) An excellent breakfast and brunch room that made me feel as though I was in one of the many places in Versailles. The pastries and cappuccino were delicious, as were all the hot dishes I tried in my short time there.

4) Bar 228. I loved the name, so I had to go in and listen to live jazz and enjoy a hot drink before retiring to my room.

5) Spa Valmont pour Le Meurice, located in the lower level of the hotel. The location alone makes it a very relaxing retreat in the middle of the bustling city of Paris.

Room in the hotel.

Adjoining room with a suite in the hotel.

Another room in the hotel.

Le Meurice is part of the Dorchester Collection of hotels. I have also had the privilege of staying in the Hotel Plaza Athenee. While they are sister hotels, they each have their personalities and fit better with different guests. With so many excellent properties in Paris, it is essential to work with your trusted travel advisor to find the perfect hotel for you.

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